Artist Statement

With a strong belief that everything that is born, grows and withers away to be born yet again – incessant change from one to other proceeds in an evolutionary cycle – I choose not to be limited to a small corner that defines who I am and what I must create.

The ceramic sculptures I make are simplified in form and use the layering of glazes to create surface that is an imagined space; through glazing I build landscape and terrain. I continually draw inspiration from the natural world. The work that I create is influenced by a combination of Western techniques and Eastern aesthetics.

My personal affinity towards using clay, as an appropriate medium is best expressed in Toshiko Takaezu’s words – “One of the best things about clay is that I can be completely free and honest with it. And clay responds to me. The clay is alive and even when it is dry, it is still breathing! I can feel the response in my hands, and I don’t have to force the clay. The whole process is an interplay between clay and me, and often clay has much to say”. I seek surfaces that purposely encourage touch and by inviting the hand to explore the forms as well as the eye.