Artist Statement

With a strong belief that everything that is born, grows and withers away to be born yet again – incessant change from one to another proceeds in an evolutionary cycle – I choose not to be limited to a small corner space that defines who I am and what I must create.

The ceramic sculptures I make are simplified in form and use the layering of glazes to create surface that is an imagined space; through glazing I build landscape and terrain. I continually draw inspiration from the natural world. The work that I create is influenced by a combination of Western techniques and Eastern aesthetics. 

The painterly application of glazes acts as a dynamic, visual counterpoint to the meticulously crafted shapes. My personal affinity towards using clay, as an appropriate medium is best expressed in Toshiko Takaezu’s words – “One of the best things about clay is that I can be completely free and honest with it. And clay responds to me. The clay is alive and even when it is dry, it is still breathing! I can feel the response in my hands, and I don’t have to force the clay. The whole process is an interplay between clay and myself, and often clay has much to say”.

I also find my inspiration from the world viewed singularly through the lens of an inverted fluorescent microscope. In the spring of 2004, I came across high-resolution microscopy images of the mouse brain (tissue sections) through a graduate student working at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. By way of this scientific imagery, I visualized a beautiful array of enchanted landscapes- I was completely fascinated by the juxtaposition of form, surface and color. It was hard to believe that molecular aspects of living tissue could appeal to me in such a personal way.

I seek surfaces that purposely encourage touch and by inviting the hand to explore the forms as well as the eye, I hope to provoke numerous memories and recollections that have potential to change from moment to moment. As Robert Morris said, “The simplicity of shape does not necessarily mean simplicity of idea”. As an artist, I have always aspired to challenge and be challenged, inspire and be inspired, feel the passion to create a response to what I see hear, touch, smell, and taste. The material is merely a vehicle to facilitate this expression.

To quote the Dalai Lama, ” Within the seed of the cause of events is the seed for their cessation and disintegration”.